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We had our women's gathering and the love notes were loved by everyone! They really ministered to each lady, and some women asked if they could take an extra for some other friend or family member. Each note was an intimate love note from JESUS. Thank you so much again for what God has laid on your heart to make available to the public. I will definitely order from you again.


I was working at an event and felt prompted to share a Love Note with a man there. He looked at it and mumbled, "Thanks," and shoved it into his back pocket. I didn't think much of it. A few weeks later, I was working another event and I saw that same man there! He saw me and immediately came over to me. He told me that later that night after I gave him the Love Note, he took it out of his pocket and when he read it again, the Lord overcame him with His presence. He said he wept and praised the Lord that night for 2 hours straight. He said he told the Lord if he ever saw me again he would tell me the story. Amazing!! God is always at work, even when we don't see it.


I was given a Love Note and the Bible verse on it really touched my heart. I was so excited, I shared it with a buddy of mine. He was touched by it as well, so much so, that he took a picture of it and sent it to his son (who he doesn't get to talk with very often). His son messaged back thanking him for sharing it with him and that he really needed to hear what it said. God is so good! His Word does not return void!"


I was given a Love Note booklet, and was so blessed by the messages and design, I gave mine away to my sister-in law, as part of her birthday gift. So, now, I would like to give more to friends and family who I know will use them to share the love of Jesus with others.


I was at the airport checking my bag in. The man behind the counter was asking me why I was in phx etc etc. I had been in phx because my dad passed away and I was helping my brothers and sister clean out my dads home, and to plan the memorial etc. It was a hard trip and very emotional. The man handed me a Love Note and boy did it touch my heart. I was quickly reminded that I am not alone and that our heavenly Father is with me and my family through this difficult time. Thank you for this ministry and spreading God's love!


We love how God led us to you and the notes and talk about it to everyone we know. Your notes also got used in a gift that we put together for Maranatha Christian Schools teachers before Christmas. Their students helped to cut blankets and we gave back a hand made basket with a love note on top. It was great!


I cannot thank you enough for making Love Notes. Needed Jesus this morning and sat down with my girls to read a few and explained what they each meant.


We love giving out these Love Notes! Thank you! The other day, I took my family to a park I had been wanting to take them to for a long time! ...We saw a random bag there. It belonged to a man who was hangin' around and watching the kids there at the skate park. He told us that he was just enjoying reminiscing and remembering when he used to be that young and skate. Apparently, someone called the cops because a cop came over and talked to him...I guess he left his bag there while he was sleeping. When we left and while he was still talking to the police we put a Love Note in the pocket of his bag! We felt led to put a Love Note in the bag before we knew it was his!


Thank You for the Love Notes. We did spread them on a recent trip and the Lord led us to completely different stops than ever before. Thru 4 states. What Joy. God Bless.

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