The Reason We're Here

We believe that today is the day of salvation and as believers, we are called to share the love of God and the truth of His Word with others. We believe the Word of God is alive and never returns void. It is our prayer that people join in the ministry of using Love Notes as a means to share the Word of God- truth, encouragement, eternal salvation- with others. There are currently 4 Volumes of Love Notes, each one full of different Bible verses aligned with the theme of that particular Volume. 

The Story of Love Note Ministries

Before It All Began

“It all started in 2014. I had recently been brought to Phoenix, was blessed with a great job, and found a home church where I made friends, had amazing fellowship, a Bible study, and a place to serve. I had been praying for the Lord to let me know how He wanted to use me in His Kingdom. I had felt like something was missing for a while, not feeling lit up when I was serving. I knew I was making a difference and that it was all for Him, so I kept a positive attitude about it and, don’t get me wrong, the Lord blessed it, but I kept wondering why I never felt truly fulfilled in my service like so many other people in the church did. A huge majority of my friends would all go on mission trips – to Mexico, Africa, you name it! And they LOVED it. It was inspiring to me and I kept praying about going on one of them. They would all tell me how it would “change my life” and that I “needed to go”. It’s not that I doubted the experience would be life-changing, but I wanted the Lord to tell me I should go before I did. So I prayed and kept praying about it, and the Lord never confirmed that I should go, so I didn’t. Instead, I was presented with the opportunity to be a small group Bible study leader for 7th grade girls. I prayed about it and the Lord encouraged me to accept it and I thought that maybe this would be my calling. I co-led the group with one of my best friends, and it was a lot of fun. It was always rewarding, challenging, and I felt the Lord using me in a personal way for His glory. It was awesome. And yet, at the end of the school year, I still felt that missing piece in ministry. I could tell that leading the kids wasn’t my calling either. I left somewhat frustrated because I wanted to know what the Lord wanted from me. I was a willing servant!! Isn’t that what He wanted? I was open and willing to be used in any capacity that He called me to, and I felt like He just wasn’t answering me. But I still prayed for Him to reveal it to me. I wrote my prayer down on a little piece of paper, dated it, and put it into a jar so when He did answer it, I could record the answer date and take it out of the jar.”

An Answered Prayer

“Then, one week a couple months later, I felt very heavily that I needed to make a radical change in order to please the Lord, but I didn’t know what. I felt Him pressing on me to the point where I knew it had to be ASAP. A lot of ideas flooded my mind – what could the Lord be asking me to do? Do I need to quit my job? It seemed like the only thing that it could be, so I prayed and prayed about whether or not I should quit. That weekend I was in my car driving home from a work event immersed in prayer over this, and I didn’t feel the Lord telling me not to quit but the urge to do something was so intense, that in one bold moment, in my mind I said to Him, “Okay, that’s it, I’m quitting. I’ll put in my two weeks’ tomorrow.” And in that exact moment that I was committed to quit my job, the Lord spoke to me, “No, you will not quit your job. This is what you are going to do…” and in one divine instance, He downloaded all of the details of Love Note Ministries into my head. He told me exactly what to name the ministry and gave me the vision for what the notes and booklets would look like and said, “Love Notes. Who doesn’t love to receive love notes? And who better to ever receive them from but Me.” I was floored. I had everything I needed to know, what to do, and how to create this ministry, and He gave it all to me in less than 1 second. The Lord had answered my prayer and in a way that I could have never imagined!! He allowed me to use my love for art and innovation, for creativity and heart for the lost, and rolled it all up into one beautiful ministry that is HIS. I love it so much because although I am so honored He has allowed my hands to create the notes, each one is HIS WORD and HIS NAME only, and that is where the power is from and where all the glory goes. Each Love Note is God's Word alone, and that’s why I believe they are so special and powerful. They are truly written from Him to us, as all of His Word is.

By being a part of this ministry we are choosing to say “yes” to being the hands and feet that He has called us to be as His servants and He is choosing to work through us to bring people to Him. What an honor. The blessings that have come from witnessing God using Love Notes to reveal Himself is more than I could have imagined! Love Notes are for anyone to give and receive because it’s God's heart that all would be saved, and He finds mysterious ways to let us know how much He loves us. We invite you take part in this ministry, sharing His love and His Word with others!

– Kirsten Young, Your Sister in Christ